Change Mail Expiration Date

Sent and received messages have an expiration date. This is the amount of time the message will remain in your Exchange folder before being automatically deleted. The default expiration time frames (Retention Periods) are set by your system administrator in the Admin Settings

Please note:

  • You cannot lower the expiry early than the current date; you can delete the mail instead.
  • You cannot change the expiry to more days than the maximum time frame in your Admin Settings menu.
  • When moving a mail into an Archive Folder, the mail will inherit the expiry of that folder. If the folder has a retention period less than the expiry of the mail, the mail’s expiry will be updated to that of the folder.
  • When the mail is sent to a folder with a higher retention period than the mail’s expiry, the mail will update to the folders retention but not exceeding the maximum data of the mail.
    • Example: Your mail is set to expire in one year and is moved to a folder with three-year retention. The mail will still expire in one year unless the expiration is manually changed. 

You can change the expiry of any message in your Inbox by clicking on the date within the mail itself.

  1. Click the message to be edited. 
  2. Click the expiration date in the top right-hand corner of the message. 
  3. Click the date box to select a new expiration date. 
  4. Click Ok to save any changes made. 


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