The Mailbox section functions like the mailboxes in a standard email service.  You can view sent and received messages as well as download documents. Items will stay in these folders until they are deleted or expired. 



When a client sends you documents using your drop-off link, the document and message will appear in your Inbox or Spam folder. To access the message: 

  1. Select Inbox
  2. Click the checkbox on the message. 

Once the checkbox is selected, you have several options for what to do with the message. 

  1. Click the trash can icon to Delete the message. 
  2. Click the folder icon to Move the message to a folder
  3. Search the Inbox by Name, Email, or Subject. 
  4. Click the Sort icon to sort the inbox alphabetically or by date received. 
  5. Click the file name in the message to Download the file. 
  6. Click the Reply, Reply All, or Forward icon to reply to or forward the item. 
  7. Click the Download All icon to download all the attached documents into a .ZIP file. 



When composing messages, you can save them as a draft. See the Composing a New Secure Message article for more information about this feature. 


When you send a message to a client, it will appear in your Sent folder. The Sent folder has all the same options in the inbox, except you also have the option to resend the access link to the client or cancel the transfer.

Resend Access Link

  1. Select Sent
  2. Click the checkbox on the message. 
  3. Click the Link icon to resend the access link to the recipient. 


Cancel Transfer 

If you need to completely remove a transfer or file from the system in order to prevent access to a link, you can do so by canceling the transfer.

  1. Click Sent
  2. Click the checkbox on the message. 
  3. Click the Cancel Link icon to render the access link invalid. 
  4. Click Cancel Transfer to confirm the cancelation. 



Messages must be moved from the Spam folder to the Inbox to allow for document downloads and other feature usages. 

  1. Select Spam
  2. Click the checkbox on the message. 
  3. Click Not Spam to whitelist the sender. 
  4. Click the folder icon to Move the message to the Inbox.


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