Client Experience: Document Request List

Your firm will provide an access link via email that you can use to upload documents that have been requested from your tax preparer. The document transfer is fully encrypted and safe to use. 

Please note:

Emails will come from 

  1. Click Upload File(s) to open the file request. Client- Initial Email.png
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Select Verify.Client- Verify email.png
  4. Complete your Authentication.
    • If you were sent an Access Code, check your email for the code.
    • If you were sent a Q&A question, then answer the question provided by your CPA.
  5. Click Authenticate. Client- Enter code or question.png
  6. Click the Message icon to view a message from your tax preparer. 
  7. Click Upload for each document listed.
    • A warning icon will appear next to each document that does not have an uploaded file. 
  8. Click Delete to delete the uploaded document.  
  9. Click Submit Request once all documents have been uploaded. 
    • If some documents are missing, the pop-up will advise you that not all documents are uploaded and you will not be able to make any further changes once you click finish.Client- Not all documents uploaded.png
  10. Click Finish

Client- Submit DRL.png            


If you would like the option to upload more documents at a later time, simply close out of your browser tab. You will be able to use the same access link to re-authenticate and finish uploading documents. 

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