Drop Off Boxes and Links

SafeSend Exchange Suite version only.

A Drop Off link is an easy and secure way for your clients to send files to you and fellow firm members. No login or account is required for the client. See the Admin Settings article for more information about Drop Off link settings and user management. 

You have 2 options for Drop Off links:

  • Company Drop Off Link: This link allows your clients to send files securely to any of your elected firm members.
  • Personal Drop Off Link: This link automatically select your email address as the recipient.  

Most firms find it easiest for clients to access these links by adding them to their Outlook® Email Signature and/or to their website. See the Add a Drop Off Link to Your Outlook® Email Signature article for more information. 

Access Your Drop-Off Links

  1. Click the More menu in the top right hand corner of SafeSend Exchange. 
  2. Click Drop Off Links
  3. Click the Copy icon to copy the link OR
  4. Click the link to be directed to the drop off page. 


Enable New Secure Mail Notifications 

Follow the steps below to receive an email notification when items are sent to your inbox. 

  1. Click the More menu in the top right hand corner of SafeSend Exchange. 
  2. Click Drop Off Links
  3. Toggle Receive notification of new Secure Mail to your inbox on. 


Client Experience

When anyone clicks on your Drop Off link they will be directed to a secure SafeSend Exchange webpage. The webpage will look like a compose message of an e-mail application. Below is what a drop off link will look like for users. See the Client Experience: Upload Documents article for a client-centered explanation of the process. 

Please note:

The maximum amount of data that can be sent via a drop off link is 3GB.

  1. Enter your information in the left panel as directed. 
  2. Ensure the document is being sent to the correct recipient.
    • Click the recipient field to select a different recipient.  
  3. Enter a subject line for the message. 
  4. Enter a body for the message. 
  5. Click Attach to select the document(s) to upload. 
  6. Click Send to generate an Access Code. SSEDOBL1.png
  7. Enter the access code sent to your email address. 
  8. Click Continue to send the document(s) to the firm. SSEDOBL2.png
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