Document Request List (DRL)

This feature provides the ability for users to request a set of documents from a recipient and to have a unified place for all the documents to be uploaded.

Request Documents

All requests will appear in the Request Documents dashboard. 

Request Documents.png

Document Request Status

Below, you will find the meaning of each document status that may appear. 

  1. Completed- A document will be marked as complete for 1 of 2 reasons:
    • The recipient chose Send Request on their upload screen.
    • The firm changed the status to Complete
  2. Partially Uploaded- The recipient has uploaded a portion of their documents. 
    • View a summary of the documents uploaded on the left side of panel. 
  3. Pending Upload- The recipient has not uploaded any documents. 
  4. Overdue- Request is past the expiration date. 

DRL Status.png

Action Items
Below, you will find the meaning for each action item available within the Document Request feature.
Bulk Actions Individual Actions

Please note:

Select the checkbox next to each request to select multiple items. 
  1. Delete.
    • Once deleted, this cannot be undone.
  2. Resend Access Link.
    • Suggest this be used for requests that have a Completed status.
  3. Send Reminder.
    • Option not available for items with Completed status.
  4. Search through all Document Requests by email address. 
  5. Filter
    • Can filter alphabetically, by date, or by status. 

DRL- Dashboard- Bulk Action Items.png

New Document Request
Below, you will find the steps to send a document request via the Online Portal or the Outlook Plug-in.
Online Portal Outlook Plug-in
  1. Navigate to Request Documents.
  2. Select New Request.
  3. Enter the Recipient email in the To Field.
  4. Enter the Subject.
    • The Subject will be what appears in the subject line of the taxpayer notification.
  5. Apply Template (optional). 
    • Templates can be made in Admin Settings.
    • If no template is applied, continue with steps 6-9. 
  6. Enter a message for the recipient. 
  7. Confirm document details.
    • Tax Year, Due date, Retention Period. 
  8. Select the Authentication Method. 
    • Access Code. 
      • The recipient will receive an access code to the email they received DRL.  
    • Question & Answer
      • Select a question from the drop-down and enter the Answer. 
  9. Enter the Document Name and Description.
    • These are free-form fields that allow you to enter your own text. 
  10. Click Add Documents for every additional document you wish to include with the request.
  11. Toggle Notify on Completion to Off if you do not wish to receive a notification when the request is completed. 
  12. Click Send Request.

DRL- New Request- Online Portal.png

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