Download and Install the Outlook® Add-in

SafeSend Exchange Suite version only.

The SafeSend Exchange Outlook® Plug-In is used to send and receive items in your Outlook® desktop application instead of online. 


The download for the SafeSend exchange Outlook® Plugin is in the SafeSend returns Settings section. 

Please note:

Only System Administrators have access to the Settings section in SafeSend Suite.
  1. Click the Navigation Widget
  2. Click Suite Settings
  3. Click Download under General Product Downloads > Web Add-in. 

This will download the XML file automatically to your local computer. From here you can share the XML file with anyone else in your company or place it in a shared location so anyone in your organization can have access to it.


SSE Download.png


The plugin can be installed into Outlook® like any other custom add-in.

  1. Click Get Add-ins in the Home ribbon in Outlook®
  2. Click My add-ins in the left panel of the ADD-INS window. 
  3. Click Add a custom add-in drop-down. 
  4. Select Add from File. . . to open your file browser. SSEDI1.png
  5. Select the SafeSend Exchange XML file (the file name may differ from the screenshot below). 
  6. Click Open to upload the file. SSEDI2.png
  7. Click Install in the Warning pop-up. SSEDI3.png

You may need to close and restart your Outlook® application to see the changes take effect. You know it has succeeded when you see the plugin in the Home ribbon of your Outlook® application.

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