TXT File Links for Large Files

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

When a file is sent and exceeds our file limits SafeSend Exchange will generate a text file with a link for the items. The links can be pasted into a web browser to download the files. The link will not open a webpage, but will automatically download the document to the recipient's Downloads folder.

Please Note:

The link in the .TXT will be valid for a maximum of one hour. If the link is accessed after this time, it will display as invalid. The .TXT file can be re-downloaded to generate a new download link. 

Accessing and Downloading Additional Files

  1. The recipient will click on the email link to open the dashboard.


  1. Click Download All to open a window to select where the file will be saved.
  2. Click on the downloaded file to open and extract the files.
    • The example shown below is Chrome but navigate to the location of the downloaded file in your browser or machine.


  1. Open the TXT file Large Files_Open This TXT File for Download.


  1. Open Format and ensure that Word Wrap is unchecked.
  2. Copy the entire line of the link and then paste it into your web browser in order to download the file.


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