Archive Folders

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

Archive Folders are just like inbox folders in a standard email service.  You may create these folders to hold specific pieces of information for record-keeping up to the file's expiration date.  You can also create custom expiration periods for files kept in certain folders.

Creating Archive Folders:

In Outlook®:

  1. Click to open the My Portal Inbox.
  2. Click on the Archive Folders tab.
  3. Click on the Select Folder drop-down.
  4. Click Add New.


This will open up a new dialogue where you will input the name of the folder, as well as the time frame for the folder to automatically delete anything inside.

For our 30 Day Storage package, all of the auto-delete options in blue are available.  Our Unlimited Storage includes all options in blue and green.


Online Portal:

Log in to our online portal.

Your Archive Folders are located underneath your Inbox, Sent, and Spam folders.  The label is FOLDERS, and the Add/Edit link in green is where you will add new Archive Folders.

  1. Click Add/Edit.


  1. Click Add.


  1. Enter the Name and Retention Period for your new Archive Folder.
  2. Click Save & Close.


Editing and Deleting Archive Folders:

In Outlook®:


The plug-in only has the capability to edit the expiry periods for the folders.  Editing the name or deleting the folder entirely will need to take place on the web portal.

  1. Open My Portal Inbox.
  2. Click Archive Folders.
  3. Select the Archive Folder from the drop-down.
  4. Click Change Expiry.  

Clicking on Change Expiry will prompt you to make sure that you want to make this change.  If you shorten the expiration period of the folder and there are messages inside that are older than that period, they will be deleted once the change is made.


Online Portal:

Log in to our online portal.

  1. Click Add/Edit.


  1. Click on the Archive Folder.
  2. Click Edit.


  1. Edit the name and retention period of the Archive Folder.
  2. Click Save & Close.


Click on Delete to remove an Archive Folder.  Confirm that you would like to delete the folder by clicking Delete.

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