SafeSend File Limits


SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

Our web portal and Drop Off links have a limit of 25 files at a time, up to 3 GB.  The Outlook plug-in has a more unrestricted capability to send files. 

If your client is sending more than 25 files, you could advise them to send the files through in a .zip folder.

  • Create a folder that houses all of the files that need to be sent.
  • Right-click on the file.  
    • Note, I suggest you click on the name of the file.  Sometimes clicking in the empty space next to it will only show view options, not folder options.
  • From there, you will hover down to "Send To".  It will open a dialogue box on the right.  Select "Compressed (zipped) folder".  It will create a copy of the folder as a zip file. 

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