Why am I not Receiving Notifications That My Clients Downloaded the Documents I Sent?

When you send out SafeSend items you may opt to receive an email when the person you sent to has downloaded the files.

Please follow the short instructions below to ensure you have enabled notifications. 

  • Start a new email and click "SafeSend" just like you normally would when sending a document
  • Click "Change Send Method"

  • Ensure the box is checked next to "Email me when files are downloaded"

The setting moving forward will now reflect this. 

If you are still not receiving these emails, they might be intercepted by Junk or Spam filters. You must ensure that noreply@safesend.com is white-listed. The instructions below will help you to do this (For Junk Mail in Outlook).

  • Open you Junk folder in Outlook
  • Select an email from cPaperless

  • Click the "Junk" Drop-Down
  • You have 3 options: "Never Block Sender"   "Never Block Sender's Domain"   or   "Junk E-mail Options" (this is most thorough and instructions moving forward follow this path. If you selected one of the first two, you are done)
  • Select "Junk E-mail Options"

  • Click "Safe Senders"
  • Click "Add"

  • Type noreply@safesend.com into text block
  • Click "OK"

  • Click "OK"

You will receive emails directly into your inbox from cPaperless moving forward.


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