Resend Login Password to Staff/Clients

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

If a staff member, client, or another Firm administrator forgets their password, a firm admin can resend their password. There are 2 ways to accomplish this. 

1. Through the Plugin:

  • Click "More" under "My Portal Inbox"
  • Select "Contacts"

  • In the contacts menu right click the contact line of the person needing their password
  • Hover over "Resend" then select "Password"

2. Through the online portal.

  • Enter credentials and log in

  • Select the "Contacts" tab
  • Find the contact in need of their password and check the grey box to the left of their name
  • Select "Resend Password" from the blue sub-tabs on top

The staff or client will receive an email from containing their password. They may decide to change their password at this point. If you are using SignatureFlow as well and you change your password, your EchoSign password will also need to be changed.

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