Multiple Recipients for Send Link Authentication

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

When using SafeSend Exchange, you can utilize the To and Cc fields to add multiple recipients to a single file transfer.  Each recipient will receive their own link, with their own authentication method, in order to access the same files.  To send different files to multiple users, multiple transfers must be initiated.

This article assumes that the reader is already familiar with sending documents via SafeSend Exchange.

Sending the Transfer Links

  1. In a new email enter the recipients' email addresses in the To and Cc fields.
  2. Click on the SafeSend icon.


  1. Review the files to upload, then click Next to proceed.


SafeSend Exchange will then list all recipients from the To and Cc fields.  If you are using the Sendlink Q&A method, select a Question and fill out the Answer for each one.


Recipient Experience

When the client clicks the link (using link with QA authentication as shown) they will select their email address from the drop-down and then be prompted to answer their question.


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