Contacts List

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

The Contact list contains all Staff and Firm Admin Users and any Clients added. The Contact list can be accessed from the web-based portal or from the Outlook® plug-in to send invitations, reset passwords, set Drop-Off access, send your license for activation, and delete or activate Users.  You can also edit a Contact's User Group, with some exceptions.

Web-Based Portal

Go to

  1. Click on Product Login.
  2. Click on SafeSend Exchange.


  1. Enter your email and password.
  2. Click Login.


Once logged in, click on the Contacts tab.

  1. Click Add New Contact to add a new User or Client contact.
  2. Manage Invitations will open a dialogue to edit the invitation email sent to new contacts when they are added.
  3. Batch Import allows you to upload a CSV file filled with User or Client information to populate the Contacts.
  4. ExportToExcel will compile your entire Contacts list into a CSV file for transcription into another program.
  5. You can Search for a contact using any part of a name or email address.
    • Type in a query and press Enter.
  6. Use the Filter to refine your list based on selected criteria.
    User Group Invitation Status Licensed User DropOff Recipient
    Firm Admin and Staff To Be Sent Yes Yes
    Firm Admin All No No
    Staff Accepted
    Client and Guest Awaiting Acceptance
    Client Deactivated
    Guest Declined
  7. You can edit the contact by clicking on the pencil icon on the right
  8. Send Invite will send the selected Contact(s) a new email to accept their invitation and register.
  9. Send Reset Password Link will send the selected Contact(s) an email with a link to reset their password.
  10. +/- DropOff will enable or disable the DropOff link for the selected Firm Admin or Staff.
  11. Send License will send the selected Firm Admin or Staff an email containing your license in order to activate the Outlook® plugin.
  12. Delete/Deactivate allows you to remove a Contact entirely, or deactivate their access.  Both will free up a license in the case of a Firm Admin or Staff account.
  13. Use the column headers to sort your Contacts.
  14. The checkboxes allow you to select multiple Contacts at the same time.  The checkbox on the top allows you to Select All.
  15. Click the folder icon to view the user's inbox.  This is only an option if they have shared their inbox with you.
  16. Click the edit pencil to edit the Contact's information, such as name, email address, phone number, or User Group.
    • Note: You cannot upgrade or downgrade a Contact's User group across sections.  Staff can become Firm Admin and vice versa, but cannot become a Client or Guest.  If a Contact was added to the wrong User Group, you will need to delete and re-add that Contact.
  17. You can navigate to different pages using the navigational tools at the bottom.


Outlook Plugin
  1. In Outlook®, click the More drop-down menu in the SafeSend Exchange Plugin.
  2. Click Contacts.


  1. Enter either the First Name, Last Name, or Email of the Contact you are searching for.
    • Contacts matching the search query will appear below.


  • Right-click a Contact line and choose from the following options:
    1. Send New Message creates a new email message with the Contact’s email already populated.
    2. Show Password – If your company created the password for the Contact and you have permission to view the password, you can see the Contact’s login password.
    3. Resend Password sends the Contact’s password in a separate email.
    4. Send Invitation sends an invitation to create a login password if they have not accepted the initial invitation.


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