Reissue a SafeSend License

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

You may need to reissue a SafeSend license to a new user. Maybe an employee has left and you have hired someone new. Or a current employee does not use the program often enough to justify a license, so you want to reissue the license to someone else.


  • Select the “Contacts” tab
  • Filter the “User Group” to show only “Firm Admin and Staff”
  • Check the gray box next to the user you wish to remove
  • Click the blue “Delete/Deactivate” button


  • Choose to “Delete”
  • Click “Done”

  • You can then select “Add New Contact” to create the New User

  • Select “User Group,” either a Firm Admin or Staff
  • Fill in the Contact information or the required fields (Indicated by asterisks)

  • Creating the Recipients Password. You have 2 options:
    • Contact to Create: You can allow the User to create his/her own password. Be sure to check the box, “Send Invitation On Save.” The User will receive an email instructing them to create their own password that follows the firm’s password policies\
    • Click, “Save and Close”


  • Once the user has been created, check the box next to the new user’s name
  • Select “Send License”
  • You will see a green confirmation above that the email has been “Successfully Sent”

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