Cannot click secure PDF links

SafeSend Exchange Legacy version only. 

When you have accessed your Secure PDF and you cannot Double Click the File links you may be experiencing one of the below issues. 


Using Google Chrome

Google chrome has added their own PDF viewer that they try to open your PDF in. This viewer does not support Protected PDFs and renders the link not clickable. Please follow the below steps. 

  • When you see your download instead of clicking it directly Right click or Click the small arrow
  • You can choose either "Open with System Viewer" or "Always Open with System Viewer"


MAC Users

MAC computers come pre-installed with a PDF Viewer program called “Preview”. This program allows the user to VIEW PDF files. However, it is not compatible with Adobe encryption making it impossible for the user to open a “PDF Attachment” sent using SafeSend. It actually will not allow you to open any document that has Adobe encryption. If the MAC user opens the document using Adobe Reader there will be no issue, but there is no way to guarantee they have Adobe Reader installed on their machine OR that it is set as their DEFAULT PDF viewer.

In order to view the encrypted PDF in Adobe Reader (on a MAC) you must first:

  • save the attachment (or Download)
  • In Finder you can then go to where you saved the file (or your downloads folder)
  • Right click on the PDF (On MAC this is “control + click”)
  • Then select “Open With” “Adobe Reader” (See Below Screenshot)

If Adobe Reader does not show this means it is not yet installed on the machine. To install go to

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